Few questions and simpler explanation for a flash loan?

Do I need a card, password, log , follow a chart?

- Do I need a payment card?

- Do I need to follow a chart?

- Do I need log and password?

- No, you do not need a credit card.
- No, you do not need follow a chart.The bot is programmed separately for each user and you only get the final results in your account or email address.
- Yes, will only need create username and password to log in your account and admin panel wehere you receive information for your bot.

What do I need to do to buy your service?

- Send a message to the chat at the bottom right and ask for bitcoin address where you will send the money. When you receive the address send the funds and in the contact form on the website select Basic, Standard , Premium or Diamond Plan and let us know that you have paid from your address.
- Your crypto address for receiving the money will be embedded in the Bot setting and in the Smart Contract and you will get the earnings in your wallet at the same address.

What is your profit if you use our investment only as fees on stock exchanges?

- We participate in each Flashloans and receive up to 15-20% of the bot's profits to pay developers and service costs and generate a profit.

Your funds are not our profit but only for securing loan fees and trading on all stock exchanges.
It is in our interest to every paid bot is profitable to collect a sufficient amount of data and make a profit and pay our developers which will configure the big bot with AI artificial intelligence in the future.
- Bot automatically buy and sell coins on the stock exchanges, and send the earnings to your address and in the meantime pay all the fees and repay the loan for the transaction to succeed.

Who controls it and how is it possible everything to take place quickly for a few seconds?

- Our developers have been working for months on a smart contract and setting up each individual bot for each individual buyer depending on the movement of currencies on the stock exchanges.
- It is possible .. if thousands of pages of code are written and changed every day for another user to be successful.
- Technical details of the process can not be disclosed to the public except what is shown on the main page.

How will I know that my bot I paid for works and how much money it has earned?

- We send a complete list of bot activities after the transaction is completed.
- The file will be a complete web page with data that will reach you on your account or email and you will be able to read it with one click.

How long do I have to wait to receive a bot report?

- The bot works with an algorithm until it makes a profit in a short time as much as it is allowed in one block of the blockchain transaction.
- The time required to make a list of bot activities, to analyze for our needs and to insert and send a file that the user will receive ranges from 1-2 days because there are many bots to process.
- Otherwise the bot does the job very quickly which we can not share due to competition.

Why don't you run bots yourself but sell services?

- This is a new project, we have a small profit and we are collecting a lot of information that we will need for the next big project AI flash bot.
- Our main goal is to collect a large amount of data from hundreds of bots on different stock exchanges at different times.
- For that we need a huge amount of data from your bots with which we will feed the main bot that will have elements of artificial intelligence.
- With certain smart contracts we can configure an ideal bot with the help of Artifical Intelligence which can work on almost all stock exchanges and generate large profit of each activity.
- Existing users will have access to this AI bot at a favorable price.

How is the fee paid and receives earnings?


- The bot sends the earnings on your wallet and at the same time we send you the bot activity report which is an official secret and you should not share it with anyone.
- The address with which you paid us will be the address to which Bot automatically transfers your earnings reduced for fees on all stock exchanges (0.03-0.09) and our earnings 10- 15% of the profit depending on your income we charge it in the second part of the fee payment.

Fee is paid in two parts.

Advance when selecting the package and then before you receive the earnings sent to your address.

Can I remain anonymous?


- If you suspect misuse of your data you can remain anonymous and you do not have to provide your data. You will not need login and password on your account.
- Earnings will automatically reach your crypto address which will be implemented in Bot and Smart Contract and you will only have to pay the second part of the fee.

Can I invest more than $ 1500 ?

- Yes, in Diamond Plan up to $ 5000.

- Diamond Plan has the opportunity to get a loan with a mortgage on your crypto of $ 5000. When you make a profit in the first round of $ 1500 you get a loan from another $ 3000 to duplicate your Flash Loan and Smart Contract.

- Diamond Plan is paid at once but worth as much as Premium Plan x 5. So you get + $ 2500 or 5 new starts on Flash Loan and Smart Contract in a term when you choose or we will offer you.

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